PAYE services

We are fully qualified to process your payroll whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly for low fees. We can produce them manually or on computer programs such as Sage Instant Payroll.


The benefits of using our payroll services are that you can leave the administration of processing the payroll for you so that you can focus on making the right decisions for your business. The overall cost of using our payroll services is low and the time saved by you can be used to generate income for your business.


Our charges for using our payroll services does depend on the size of your business and the content of the work to be done. However, we do charge low hourly rates and by the hour so you can be confident that the overall cost will be at a minimum.

For help and advice or to find out more about our payroll services, contact Carl Gibson on 01228 546772 or 07725 055 400.

Or alternatively e-mail